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What wallets can I use with DeFi Saver?

A list of different wallets that can be used to interact with DeFi Saver.
Written by Nikola Jankovic
Updated 11 months ago

Great support for different Web3 wallets has always been one of our priorities, including a strong focus on a great hardware wallet experience.

The list of wallets you can use with  DeFi Saver includes (but is not limited to):

  • MetaMask
  • Ledger (both natively and via MetaMask)
  • Trezor (both natively and via MetaMask)
  • Fortmatic
  • WalletConnect
  • WalletLink (Coinbase)
  • MetaMask Mobile
  • Rainbow
  • Argent (via WalletConnect)
  • Status.im
  • Coinbase wallet
  • Trust wallet
  • imToken wallet
  • Opera
  • Enjin Wallet

Additionally, any wallet management app that includes support for WalletConnect should be able to login and interact with DeFi Saver.

We support WalletConnect both in terms of QR connecting (with two devices) and mobile linking (connecting ono the same device), as previewed here.

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