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Can I manage CDPs created on InstaDapp using DeFi Saver?

Written by Nikola Jankovic
Updated 4 months ago

Because InstaDapp uses a proprietary proxy wallet for managing CDPs, these cannot be managed using DeFi Saver unless you migrate your CDP to the standard Maker proxy wallet (DSProxy).

If you want to migrate your CDP, simply open our MakerDAO CDP dashboard, connect your wallet and select the CDP you want to migrate from the dropdown list (if you have multiple CDPs). Once your CDP is loaded, you will be offered to use our Migrate tool. Once you click the Migrate button, a DSProxy will be created for your account (if you don’t already have one) and your CDP will be migrated to it.

Please note that once you migrate your CDP to the standard Maker DSProxy, you will not be able to use InstaDapp unless you migrate back.

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