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What is Multi-collateral DAI and how can I convert my SAI or migrate my CDP?

Written by Nikola Jankovic
Updated 4 months ago

Multi-collateral DAI is the new version of the Maker protocol that supports different collateral types, including ETH and BAT at introduction.

The new version of the protocol is set to coexist with the older, single-collateral version of the protocol for an undisclosed period of time, meaning you’re not required to migrate immediately. However, once you decide to do so, you can complete the process using DeFi Saver.

DeFi Saver supports Multi-collateral DAI and you can use DeFi Saver to:

  1. Convert your SAI to DAI
  2. Migrate your CDP to Multi-collateral DAI
  3. Manage MCD CDPs (Vaults), including our signature Boost and Repay features and
  4. Enable CDP Automation for MCD CDPs (Vaults) including liquidation protection and leverage increase for both ETH and BAT collateral types.
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