Legacy automation deprecation and upgrade to Strategies (September 2023)

An overview of our planned upgrades for legacy Maker, Compound v2 and Aave v2 automation options.
Written by Nikola J.
Updated 5 months ago

We initially introduced automation features for MakerDAO in 2019, followed by automation for Compound v2 and Aave v2 in 2020.

The initial automation architecture used for those options was superseded in 2022 by our newer (codename Strategies) automation, which builds on top of our general architectural upgrade (codename Recipes) introduced in 2021. All the various automation options released since then have been powered by this architecture. This includes all options for Aave v3, Compound v3, Morpho, Liquity and Chicken bonds, as well as all options for MakerDAO.

The legacy automation is currently being used for the following automation options available in DeFi Saver:

  • MakerDAO Automated Leverage Management*
  • Aave v2 Automated Leverage Management
  • Compound v2 Automated Leverage Management
*Users of MakerDAO Automated Leverage Management are on the legacy automation if they set it up before January 2023. All later users are already on the newer automation.
All other automation options (all of which you can find listed here) are already running on our 'Strategies' architecture. No action is needed or planned for any automation options outside of those listed above.

We feel that the 'Strategies' automation has been sufficiently battle tested and has performed as expected throughout numerous market volatility events by now, which is why we're looking to move all users to this newer, more optimised and more robust system.

Upgrading from legacy automation

For any users with positions that are currently on legacy automation, there is now a notification shown across the portfolio, dashboard page(s) and automation configuration pages, including an upgrade button.

Executing this upgrade transaction will simply move your position to the newer automation and copy over your current settings.

The exact steps done in the process (i.e. executed within the transaction) are:

  1. Your 'subscription' to old automation is removed
  2. Permissions to old automation are removed
  3. Permissions to new automation are added
  4. Your 'subscription' is enabled on the new automation (with the same settings copied from the legacy system)

If wanted, you can take a look at an example of one such transaction here.

This upgrade (from legacy automation to automated strategies) will be automatically completed on September 26th for all users (i.e. their positions) who do not do it themselves before this date in order to ensure an uninterrupted service and continued protection of all user positions.

If you for whatever reason wish to opt-out of this upgrade and from using our newer automation architecture, you can do so simply by disabling automation for your position before September 26th.

As an additional reminder, you can track any smart contract updates (including any updates relating to automation smart contracts) on our DFS Stats platform.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to reach out in our discord server.

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