Are there any costs that are not immediately noticeable?

ETH Saver only takes a performance fee. You can learn more about fees on the dedicated page. However, depending on your position, there might be other costs you want to take into account.

  • When opening a position based on rETH or cbETH, you might experience some trade size impact because the conversion from ETH is done with a market (DEX) swap, unlike with wstETH where it is done directly through Lido. This is more prominent the larger the position and the higher the leverage level is.

  • The same applies when closing any position, including ones based on wstETH: a loss might be possible because the conversion back to ETH is done directly on the market. For larger positions, you might be able to decrease this by slowly deleveraging your position over a period of time: executing a Repay with an amount adjusted for minimal slippage, waiting a bit until the market adjusts again, repeating the process if needed, and finally closing the position. Feel free to reach out via Discord or the help pop-up on the bottom right for assistance.

  • The above is also applicable when executing any other actions that include a swap, such as leveraging (Boost/Repay) or keep ratio actions (Supply & Leverage/Deleverage & Withdraw).

  • ETH market price fluctuation can also affect your bottom line. Profit is denominated in ETH, and the USD value is an estimate based on the current market price.

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