What are Limit Orders?

Limit orders are a type of exchange order that allows users to buy or sell an asset at a specific market price.

On DeFi Saver, a limit order is technically an automated strategy performing a swap at a configured exchange rate between two selected tokens.

Any configured limit order will be executed once the minimum amount to be received in the swap matches the rate that you set. This means that your limit order may not actually be executed in cases where the market price only reaches your configured rate or exceeds it by an irrelevant percentage.

Important note: In case the wallet lacks sufficient sell token balance when the limit order is triggered, it will not be executed. Additionally, should funds return to the wallet prior to the expiry date and if the exchange rate condition remains met, the limit order will execute unless canceled.

DeFi Saver takes no fee for limit orders on the Exchange dashboard. More about fees DeFi Saver Fees

Canceling Limit Orders

All limit orders that you create can be manually canceled before the expiry you set. Note that canceling will require an on-chain transaction, so there will be transaction fees involved.

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