Reflexer Dashboard walkthrough

The DeFi Saver Reflexer dashboard allows users to interact with the Reflexer decentralized finance protocol using an alternative interface to their default one.

The DFS Reflexer dashboard is fully compatible with the default app meaning any Reflexer Safes created in either of the apps, can be managed with the other app just the same.

Our current support for Reflexer includes all basic protocol interactions (supply, withdraw, borrow and payback), as well as our 1-tx leverage management features (Boost and Repay) and full recipe creator support which can allow you to move your ETH-based position from a different protocol to Reflexer, or vice versa. There are currently no Automation options for Reflexer positions.

You will see your Safe ID in the top bar while managing your position in our dashboard, along with the Stability Fee (the annual borrow rate for Reflexer Safes, calculated based on your outstanding debt and continuously added to your current debt).

Additional information previewed in the Manage board - Current ETH price, Liquidation price, RAI System price, RAI Market Price and Redemption rate.

A quick explanation of the above mentioned phrases:

  • RAI System price - RAI’s moving peg or the current target price of RAI, also known as the redemption price

  • RAI Market price - price at which RAI is currently trading

  • Redemption rate - annual rate at which RAI is defaulted or revalued, based on the difference between RAI redemption and market prices (a positive rate means the redemption price is increasing and vice-versa)

The Reflexer dashboard in DFS is available only on Mainnet currently.

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