Requirements for using Automation

There are two main requirements to be considered for using any of available automated strategies.

  1. The user's position needs to be on a Smart Wallet The Smart Wallet is what makes Automation possible in the first place and in order to use any of the available automation options, the user's position needs to be either migrated to or initially created via Smart Wallet. Note: The use of a Smart Wallet is already the default behaviour for Maker and Reflexer, meaning no migration would be needed. Note: Compound, Aave and Morpho-Aave positions can be easily migrated from user's account to the Smart Wallet and we recommend testing this process in Simulation mode first.

  2. The position needs to meet the minimum debt requirement for Automation, with these minimums being:

    1. 20,000 Dai in debt for Maker Vaults (CDPs)* *(or 30,000 Dai in debt for ETH-B and WBTC-B specifically)

    2. $30,000 in total debt balance for Compound v2, Compound v3, Aave v2, Morpho-Aave v2 and Aave v3 on the Mainnet

    3. 10,000 LUSD principal for Chicken Bonds

    4. $500 in total debt balance for Aave v3 on Arbitrum and Optimism

The minimum debt requirements were introduced as a way to protect both the users and the system from extremely high gas prices and transaction costs on the Mainnet, especially during market crashes.

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