My MetaMask account is failing to load - what should I do?

When connecting to a dapp using MetaMask you are using the Ethereum node that is specified in your MetaMask configuration.

By default, MetaMask uses Infura as their node provider and does not have an alternative option as a fallback.

However, users can add other node providers in MetaMask and switch to those when needed.

Note: Connecting with any other wallet type (e.g. connecting a Ledger or Trezor hardware wallet directly or connecting via WalletConnect) would be using the nodes used by DeFi Saver. If you're experiencing issues with connecting using MetaMask and have access to any of these other wallets, we suggest trying any of those first.

How to add and use a different node provider in MetaMask

The process is relatively simple, although the option is somewhat burried in the menus.

These are the steps:

Once you're on the Add Network screen you should enter the details of an alternative node provider you selected.

For a list of numerous options, along with their current service status, please see Ethereum Nodes.

Once you've chosen your provider and entered their RPC URL, uou can set any Network Name (e.g. Alchemy Ethereum) and you will need to set the Chain ID to "1". Other fields are needed.

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