My transaction is pending / not going through - what should I do?

Stuck or pending transactions are unfortunately a fairly common problem in the Ethereum ecosystem.

The speed at which a transaction will be executed (or mined) depends on the gas price you configure at the moment when you submit your transaction.

In case you submit a transaction with a lower gas price than what is currently recommended, your transaction could get stuck for potentially hours or even days.

Thankfully, the option to configure your gas price is present in the DeFi Saver interface for each transaction you want to make, together with the option to select the currently fast gas price (which is always recommended).

What should you do if your transaction has been stuck (pending) for long?

Depending on the type of the transaction, we either recommend speeding up your transaction (by re-sending it with a higher gas price) or cancelling it.

Speeding up is recommended for any standard interactions available at DeFi Saver, such as adding collateral to your portfolio or withdrawing assets.

However, in case your transaction was supposed to include a token swap (e.g. a Boost or a Repay transaction) then we recommend cancelling it and then later creating a new transaction using fast gas.

This is because a transaction that's meant to execute a token swap using a decentralized exchange is more and more likely to fail as time goes by, as the conditions on the exchanges are constantly changing.

For ways to cancel or speed up your transaction, please refer to these guides:

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