Compound Dashboard

Our Compound dashboard allows users to interact with the Compound decentralized finance protocol using an alternative interface to their original Compound application. One of the main advantages of using DeFi Saver’s Compound dashboard is support for hardware wallets, both Ledger and Trezor, as well as unique Compound-MakerDAO interaction features.

These include Supply to CDP and Supply from CDP, where the former lets you pay back your CDP’s DAI debt from your Compound DAI supply, and the latter lets you generate SAI from your CDP and add it to your Compound lending supply, both of which are done in a single transaction.

  • How can I start lending or borrowing funds using the Compound dashboard?

In order to start using our Compound dashboard, simply navigate to its page and connect your wallet using the dropdown menu in the top right corner.

Once connected, you can select the asset you want to lend and earn interest on. In case you want to borrow some asset, you will first need to provide a different asset as collateral, by supplying it. Due to the nature how Compound protocol works, borrowing needs to be enabled for each asset separately.

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