Is Recipe Creator safe to use?

Given the nature of the DeFi ecosystem, we consider it our responsibility to protect users in any way we can. We take security and our position as an intermediary very seriously.

The Recipe Creator has been architected to minimize user exposure to hacks and exploits. DeFi Saver contracts do not hold any funds nor do they receive token management approvals from user accounts (EOAs). Instead, Recipes are executed through each user’s Smart Wallet. This way, if any of the contracts are compromised, the end user’s funds aren’t exposed to a “passive” risk.

Furthermore, all actions and the underlying architecture have been audited internally, as well as externally by Consensys and Dedaub with no attack vectors found. All contracts are also publicly available on GitHub.

The same architecture powering the Recipe Creator system is also used for interactions within our protocol-specific dashboards. In general, we try to expose users only to proven and established protocols within DeFi Saver, but even if this is the case we still cannot guarantee the integrity of these underlying protocols.

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