Terms and Conditions

DeFi Saver is an application that runs on top of multiple decentralized finance protocols, including but not limited to MakerDAO, Aave, Compound, Liquity and Reflexer.

Although our philosophy is to keep any additional risk on top of the inherent risk of using decentralized finance as low as possible, it still exists, in varying degrees depending on the feature in question. We can make no guarantees regarding the safety of funds that have been in any way used within DeFi Saver.

We can not compensate users for funds that have been in any way lost during use within DeFi Saver or that have at any point in time been used within DeFi Saver. By using DeFi Saver you agree to these terms and acknowledge that you are aware of the existing risk and knowingly accept it.

We also highly recommend users educate themselves on how underlying protocols (e.g. MakerDAO, Aave) and networks (e.g. Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base) work and what the inherent risks, as well as their terms and conditions are.

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