DeFi Saver Fees

DeFi Saver is an advanced management application for decentralized finance protocols and we have built-in service fees for some of our advanced features, as described in more detail below.

Any standard protocol interactions (e.g. supplying, withdrawing, borrowing and paying back assets) have no DeFi Saver related fees of any kind and simply holding any positions open through DeFi Saver includes no fees of any kind (e.g. no rent or performance fees).

The exact service fee will be highlighted at the screen of the feature you're trying to use, for example in the Boost and Repay windows or in the Loan Shifter UI.

The service fee is present only on complex transactions that include a token swap within and there are two categories of fees:

  • 0.10% fee is taken on swaps between same value asset, which includes stablecoin-stablecoin pairs, as well as pairs such as ETH-stETH and WBTC-renBTC.

  • 0.25% fee is taken on all other swaps.

MakerDAO, Aave, Liquity, Compound and Reflexer dashboards

  • Standard interactions (e.g. Add/Withdraw collateral; Borrow/Pay back debt) have no service fees.

  • Advanced interactions (Boost, Repay, Create leveraged position, Close leveraged position) have a 0.25% service fee (of the amount being swapped).

  • Automated adjustments have the same 0.25% service fee for any swaps happening, and an additional 0.05% automation fee (of the transaction size, per automated adjustment).

Simply having your position Automated and monitored by DFS Automation does not include any sort of fee.

Loan Shifter

Depending on the complexity of the shift you are making, any existing fees will differ.

  • Protocol shifts in general don't have any service fees, as long as the shift is happening without change of collateral or debt asset.

  • Collateral and debt shifts include a 0.25% service fee.

In case of shifts between Maker, Liquity and Reflexer there will be a 0.25% service fee, as there's an additional debt swap happening with the protocol shift.

Recipe Creator

  • Only the Sell action has a 0.25% service fee.

The Aave flash loan action in the Recipe Creator has the Aave protocol fee of 0.09%.

Smart Savings dashboard

  • All options in the Smart Savings dashboard have no DeFi Saver service fees of any kind, neither on your initial deposit, nor on the yield earned.

  • Any advanced "Claim + Resupply" options will include a 0.25% service fee.


  • All token swaps in the separate Exchange have no service fees included.

Flash Loan Fees

Many of our advanced features use flash loans in the process, including a number of leverage management and loan shifting options.

DeFi Saver does not charge any kind of service fee for flash loans, however some protocols providing flash loans may have a protocol fee attached.

Out of the integrated flash loan providers, Balancer, dYdX and Maker have a 0% fee on flash loans, while Aave has a 0.09% protocol fee on any flash loans made.

The flash loan provider and their fee is now separately outlined at the bottom of any relevant confirmation windows for full transparency.

The fees collected help us continue and accelerate further DeFi Saver development.

We will always publicly disclose any changes to existing fees in DeFi Saver in a timely manner.

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