How can I swap my collateral or debt in Aave?

Collateral or debt swap is currently available with the usage of our Recipe Creator function. Using it, you can change your Aave collateral asset to an asset with a higher supply APY or you can swap your debt to an asset with a lower borrow interest rate. This requires some knowledge of using flash loans in the Recipe Creator but provides this great feature.

For now we have integrated Aave v2, Aave v3, Morpho-Aave v2, Morpho-Aave v3, Spark, Compound v2, Compound v3 - USDC and Compound v3 - ETH. Which include possibilities of both collateral and debt shifting.

A quick note for Loan Shifter: options to shift from Aave, Spark and Compound will always appear available, while for MakerDao, Reflexer and Liquity you will need to have an active position for the Loan Shifter to recognise them as an option for shifting.

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