What is DCA?

DCA orders are used to periodically increase you exposure to a certain asset.

On DeFi Saver, a DCA order is technically an automated strategy performing a swap between the two selected tokens periodically (e.g. every 7 days), regardless of the exchange rate at that moment.

SLIKA trigger+recipe

Any enabled DCA swaps will be executed at the configured period, though the execution time can be delayed in case of high network congestion. Specifically, the swaps will only be executed when/once the estimated transaction fee is less than 5% of the value of the tokens being swapped.

DeFi Saver takes a 0.3% for DCA orders, as shown on the UI.

Active DCA orders and History

Once you active DCA order(s), you’d be able to find them on the DCA page alongside the history of executed DCA orders.

Canceling DCA orders

All currently active DCA options can be manually canceled at any point, fully at your discretion. Note that canceling will require an on-chain transaction, so there will be transaction fees involved.

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