Notify is an alerting and notifications system for different protocols supported and integrated at DeFi Saver.

It lets you configure different notification monitors for your positions, so you can receive notifications when a configured threshold ratio is reached (e.g. when your position drops to risky levels) or when automated adjustments are executed for your positions, among other options.

These notification features are available for all position holders in protocols such as Aave, Liquity, Maker and Compound, regardless of whether the position is held on a Smart Wallet or directly on the user's account.

Notifications can also be set up completely independently of any Automation options that we have, as these are two separate features.

You'll find the notification features accessible through the Notify tab located at the top of the dashboard of your chosen protocol.

The Notify feature is currently only available on Ethereum mainnet, but we are looking to expand support to both Arbitrum and Optimism in the near future.

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