Can I manage MakerDAO Vaults created using other apps at DeFi Saver?

DeFi Saver is fully compatible with Maker's own Oasis app.

Any Vaults created using Oasis will be fully accessible and manageable at DeFi Saver, and vice versa, any Vaults created using DeFi Saver will be recognized by Oasis just the same.

This is possible because we stick to using the standard MakerDAO DSProxy architecture within DeFi Saver.

You can freely alternate between using DeFi Saver and Oasis at any time.

If you are using DeFi Saver Automation for your MakerDAO Vault, please note that the Oasis app will not be aware of that and it will let you make any adjustments without warning even if those would trigger an automated adjustment.

Because of this, we recommend sticking to the MakerDAO dashboard at DFS for Automation users, as it will ask you to confirm any actions that would consequently trigger an automated adjustment.

On the other hand, any MakerDAO Vaults created using InstaDapp are unfortunately not accessible or manageable using DeFi Saver. This is because InstaDapp uses a proprietary proxy wallet of their own, both in case of the older InstaDapp and their newer DSA architecture.

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