Why did we switch to Safe?

Initially, we started using DSProxies believing they would become an industry standard. This unfortunately didn't happen and even though our decision was based on wanting to build on open, permissionless building blocks instead of proprietary tech, it led to users feeling a lock-in effect with no other frontends supporting DSProxies.

This is one of the main reasons why we decided to switch to Safes. Safe is currently the most popular smart wallet in the Ethereum ecosystem and is supported across a great number of DeFi frontends and apps. And most importantly, it's fully open and permissionless to build on, allowing us to make full use of composability in DeFi, which we consider one of its most important aspects.

Another big reason being are the security ehancements it allows. All users looking to level up their security will be able to set up their Safes as multisigs when wanted. Safe multisigs are now natively supported at DeFi Saver.

Safe also brings an enhancement when it comes to overall user experience with reduced gas costs, providing the possibility of creating multiple Safes with only one EOA, and allows us a great number of additional features and improvements in the future.

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