How does ETH Saver work?

ETH Saver is a fully non-custodial application for creating and managing leveraged staking positions in various DeFi lending protocols that support such positions.

All positions created using ETH Saver are fully separate with no asset pooling or position overlap of any kind happening, meaning there’s no shared economic risk across any positions opened using ETH Saver.

The creation and managing of these positions in supported lending protocols is made possible using existing DeFi Saver architecture that allows making different interactions and combinations of actions with each of the supported protocols.

Another similarity with DeFi Saver is the use of Smart Wallets (dsproxies) for holding positions, where a separate Smart Wallet is created for each position in order to keep them separated and isolated.

If you're looking to find example transactions done at ETH Saver, you can use the DFS Stats platform.

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