Can I manage my existing Aave lending/borrowing portfolio using the Aave dashboard?

You can manage your previously created Aave position in DeFi Saver, however, in order to rely on our advanced features like Boost & Repay as well as our Automation feature, you need to create a Smart Wallet. The Smart Wallet is your very own smart contract wallet that will hold your Aave portfolio and is also used for everything else throughout DeFi Saver. If you already have an Aave position and would like to migrate to the Smart Wallet to gain access to advanced features, this can be done fairly quickly.

Once you log in, you’ll notice a Migrate option in the top bar of the dashboard.

This will open the migration window where you can select the supplied and borrowed asset pair that you want to move to the Smart Wallet.

Note that the migration process is limited to only 1 pair of supplied/borrowed assets at a time.

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