Automation Fees

There are two types of fees that users should be aware of when it comes to using automated strategies at DeFi Saver.

  1. The transaction fee for each executed automated transaction will effectively be charged to the position, during transaction execution.

  2. The service fee for each executed transaction will also be charged during transaction execution, with the specific service fee being:

    1. 0.25% on the swapped amount for transactions that include a token swap within;

    2. 0.1% of the swapped amount specifically in cases where the swap within the transaction is between two correlated assets. This would apply in cases where assets belong to the DAI/USDC/LUSD/USDT or ETH/(w)stETH/rETH/cbETH groups, for example.

    3. 0.05% of the amount being transacted for transactions where there's no token swap happening. This applies for Savings liquidation protection and Bonds liquidation protection automated strategies.

Note that simply enabling and keeping any automated strategy enabled for your position does not involve any kind of one-time or on-going, continuous service fees.

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