Overview of Yearn

Users are able to earn interest using Yearn on DFS by depositing DAI, USDC, and/or USDT into their respective Yearn vaults. There will be no additional claiming of rewards since Yearn will auto-compound everything for you.

Withdrawals are available only in the deposited currency.

Considering the fact that Yearn mainly allocates stablecoins in available lending platforms on the market, the risk from impermanent loss is minimal and shared proportionally among other vault depositors. However, in cases where Yearn uses assets to provide liquidity on DEXs, it’s done only for stablecoin pairs so the IL risk stays as low as possible.

20% Performance Fee: Deducted from yield earned every time a vault harvests a strategy.

2% Management Fee: Flat rate taken from vault deposits over a year. The fee is extracted by minting new shares of the vault, thereby diluting vault participants. This is done at the time of harvest and calculated based on time since the previous harvest.

You can find the description and active Yearn strategies for the Smart Savings integrated vaults below: - Yearn DAI vault - Yearn USDC vault - Yearn USDT vault.

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