How can I tell how much interest I will earn or have already earned using Aave?

After Aave Improvement Proposal (AIP) 16 was adopted, liquidity providers and borrowers in different Aave’s pools became eligible to earn stkAAVE rewards in addition to their standard rates.

You can see how much stkAAVE you would be earning for each pool in our Aave dashboard when you scroll to the pool list. You can see base interest and next to it Aave interest, if it applies to a particular pool.

Once you start supplying funds using our Aave dashboard, you will be able to see the expected interest earned in the upper right corner of the dashboard. By hovering over the Net APY interest rate you will be able to see both base and Aave annual as well as the total annual interest.

The yearly interest rate on supplied and borrowed funds changes based on the market demand.

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