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What is DeFi Saver?

A brief introduction to the DeFi Saver app.
Written by Nikola Jankovic
Updated 1 month ago

DeFi Saver is a management application for decentralized finance that supports multiple popular protocols, including MakerDAO, Aave and Compound.

Some of the things specific you can use DeFi Saver for include:

  • Managing your debt positions at MakerDAO, Aave and Compound, with unique leveraging and deleveraging options (Boost and Repay), as well as the option of automated position management
  • Moving your position between different protocols or converting your supplied or borrowed assets using the Loan Shifter
  • Earning interest on your DAI in our Smart Savings dashboard that enables quick, 1-transaction movement of funds between different available protocols
  • Swapping tokens in the Exchange

Typically, DeFi Saver is most often used for managing leveraged positions created using any of the supported decentralized finance protocols.

If this is your goal, too, we recommend reading the How to long or short any asset using DeFi lending protocols before jumping in.

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