Notification Monitors

Currently available monitors that any user can configure for their position(s) are:

1. Ratio monitor

This monitor lets you configure a threshold ratio that you want to be notified about your position breaching.The monitor lets you configure ratio movements in both directions and you can enable separate monitors for when your position's ratio drops below or raises above a certain ratio.

2. Debt in front monitor (Liquity exclusive)

This monitor has been created specifically for Liquity users who may face the risk of their Troves being "redeemed against".The monitor allows users to configure an amount of LUSD debt that they want to have available for redemptions in front of their Trove, where they'll be notified once the debt in front amount drops below that amount, allowing them to adjust their Trove to be in a less risky position in a timely manner.

3. Automated actions monitor (enabled by default)

This monitor is enabled by default for all Automation users and will notify users about all automated adjustment transactions that are executed for their positions.

All notifications will be delivered to all enabled channels, which includes in-app notifications by defalt, while email, Blockscan chat and Telegram can be enabled as additional channels.

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