When are Automation transactions made?

Written by Nikola J.
Updated 1 year ago

Once enabled, Automation constantly monitors positions so that it can execute any needed transactions as soon as the position hits its configured ratios.

The ratio of any position is affected by the current asset prices in the used protocol and it’s safe to assume that Automation for any given protocol effectively runs on that protocol’s price oracles. No external price feed affects user positions and Automation, but note that any trades in needed adjustments are always made at current market prices.

In practice, automated adjustments will happen either when user adjusts their configuration (potentially to purposefully force an automated adjustment), or when the price of the used aset changes enough that the user configured ratios are reached.

In terms of different price oracles used in different protocols:

  • MakerDAO uses their MakerDAO OSM which is best known for the 1-hour update delay, where the prices in the protocol are updated only once every full hour with the next price update also known a full hour in advance.

    You can check current and next price updates in MakerDAO at DeFi Explore and DaiStats, as well as in our MakerDAO dashboard.
  • Compound uses their Open Price Feeds which are currently known for their heavy dependence on Coinbase, though they do have checks against Uniswap TWAP.

    You can check current prices in Compound on their Open Price Feeds page, as well as in our Compound dashboard.
  • Aave uses Chainlink price feeds.

    You can check current prices in Aave on the Chainlink Data Feeds page, as well as in our Aave dashboard.
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