What is ETH Saver?

Introduction to our new app focused on leveraged staking.
Written by Nikola J.
Updated 2 months ago

ETH Saver is a new non-custodial application created by the DeFi Saver team that provides simplified access to various leveraged staking strategies. The app builds on top of existing DeFi Saver architecture and utilises liquid staking tokens such as wstETH (Lido), rETH (Rocketpool) and cbETH (Coinbase), as well as multiple lending protocols, including Compound, Aave and Morpho.

The ETH Saver app allows anyone to create different leveraged staking positions where they select the wanted combination of liquid staking token and the underlying lending protocol that will be used, as well as the wanted leverage level, all of which are factors that will affect both the position's performance and its risk levels.

Each of the positions created at ETH Saver is a completely separate position within the used lending protocol, meaning that there is no shared risk between multiple users or positions.

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