How can I get in touch with the team?

Channels using which you can interact with the team in case you're experiencing issues.
Written by Nikola J.
Updated 3 months ago

You can get in touch with us using any of these:

  • The on-site chat widget, available in the bottom left of  the app
    If the chat widget is not showing up for you, please consider disabling any script-blocking extensions you have enabled, such as adblockers or Brave shields.
  • The DeFi Saver Discord server
  • The DeFi Saver Twitter account

While we're most often available on any of these, please note that we don't recommend reaching out via Twitter DMs, as Twitter often doesn't push any notifications for those, especially if it's the first time we're interacting on the platform.

Additionally, we recommend checking if any of the articles in our Troubleshooting section answers your question before reaching out.

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