What liquidity sources does DeFi Saver utilize for asset conversions?

The list of DEXes and other liquidity sources used for features such as Boost, Repay and others.
Written by Nikola J.
Updated 8 months ago

Many of the leverage management and loan shifting features on DeFi Saver, including Boost, Repay, as well as Collateral or Debt shifts, include an on-chain token swap.

In order to provide the best rates possible on all token swaps, we integrate the 0x DEX aggregator which sources liquidity from all the most popular decentralized exchanges on Ethereum.

Some of the liquidity sources supported by 0x include:

  • Uniswap v2
  • Uniswap v3
  • Curve
  • Sushiswap
  • Balancer
  • Balancer v2
  • Bancor
  • Bancor v3

For a more complete list, you can check this article in their knowledge base, which also includes information on aggregated liquidity sources on Optimism and Arbitrum L2 networks.

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