Where can I find DeFi Saver smart contracts?

Written by Nikola J.
Updated 3 months ago

All DeFi Saver smart contracts are open source and available in our Github repository.

You can find a list of the currently deployed DeFi Saver smart contracts across Ethereum, Optimism and Arbitrum here in our dev docs.

Some of the historic smart contract addresses on the Ethereum mainnet are listed below:

DSGuardFactory: 0x5a15566417e6C1c9546523066500bDDBc53F88C7
SaverLogger: 0xeCf88e1ceC2D2894A0295DB3D86Fe7CE4991E6dF
CompoundProxy: 0xbA6B2EAa1DcCdA720a42DA8b1Fd1FDC2b8Bad38c
Activity Logger: 0x669e1AF3D294a47366F3796F0FA66Be751A23B0D
UniswapWrapper: 0x0aa70981311D60a9521C99cecFDD68C3E5a83B83
Eth2DAIWrapper: 0xd7BBB1777E13b6F535Dec414f575b858ed300baF
Exchange: 0x115C93B168020990F7b6D2f094A57fC5256B5bd1
Saver Proxy: 0xfDa65289b9e84B98c01d5c8B7B2fc6cbBc506a03
Smart Savings: 0x296420a79fe17b72eb4749ca26d4e53602f4edef
Savings Logger: 0x89b3635bd2bad145c6f92e82c9e83f06d5654984

Automation smart contracts

Please note that these are the smart contracs of the legacy automation, while all future automated features are being released using our Strategies architecture described here.


Contract handling user subscriptions to Automation, including information about all configured ratios. Also includes a method to check if the Automation bot is allowed to run required functions.


Proxy contract allowing users to subscribe to Automation and permit our contract to call Boost and Repay for their CDP/Vault.


Contract that is called by Automation bots to check if the bot is allowed to call Boost or Repay (checking if a ratio is out of configured thresholds), delegate call to MonitorProxy and check if ratio is between bounds after Boost or Repay is executed.


Contract that receives permission from user to call Boost or Repay via their DSProxy. The callExecute method is callable only by the Monitor contract described above. Contract owners can initiate a Monitor contract upgrade, but there is a timelock that needs to expire after initiating upgrade. The current timelock is 24 hours.


Contract containing Boost and Repay features logic. Can be called by any DSProxy (or authorized entity, e.g. Automation Monitor).

Please note that some of these smart contracts are updated regularly, so the address in this article may not always have the latest addresses.

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