How can I earn LQTY tokens?

Written by Nikola
Updated 6 months ago

Stability Providers make liquidation gains and receive early adopter rewards in form of LQTY tokens. As liquidations happen just below a collateral ratio of 110%, they will see a net gain whenever a Trove is liquidated.

We've provided a [STAKING] tab for the purpose of accessing Stability Pool. By opening the modal you can: 

  • Deposit LUSD to the Stability Pool and earn ETH liquidation bonuses and LQTY rewards.
  • Stake LQTY and earn LUSD and ETH revenue from borrowing and redemption fees. Your LQTY stake will earn a share of the fees equal to your share of the total LQTY staked.

Given the fact that DeFi Saver's kickaback rate is 100% or simply put doesn't charge a fee for providing access to Liquity protocol, the rewards are slightly higher by relying on our dashboard.

You can withdraw your pending rewards anytime.

What can I do with LQTY?

LQTY holders can stake their tokens to earn the fees generated by loan issuance and LUSD redemptions.

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