Why should I use the DFS Reflexer dashboard?

A brief introduction to our Reflexer dashboard and the unique features available.
Written by Nikola J.
Updated 3 months ago

The DeFi Saver Reflexer dashboard allows users to interact with the Reflexer decentralized finance protocol using an alternative interface to their default one.

The DFS Reflexer dashboard is fully compatible with the default app available at https://app.reflexer.finance/. Any Reflexer Safes created in either of the apps, can be managed with the other app just the same.

Our current support for Reflexer includes all basic protocol interactions, as well as our 1-tx leverage management features (Boost and Repay) and full recipe creator support which can allow you to move your ETH-based position from a different protocol to Reflexer, or vice versa.

The secondary advantages of using the DeFi Saver dashboard could be preference for our user interface design, or support for numerous wallet types, including native hardware wallets support (Ledger and Trezor), WalletConnect and (Coinbase) WalletLink.

You can find our Reflexer dashboard at: https://app.defisaver.com/reflexer/.

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